Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory will opportunistic reentry

According to the plan, the Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory has completed all the expansion tests and will opportunistic deorbit and reentry the atmosphere on Beijing time July 19, 2019. A small amount of residual load will fall into the scheduled safe waters of the south Pacific Ocean (160 to 90 degrees West, 30 to 45 degrees South). 

Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory was upgraded from the backup of the Tiangong-1 target spacecraft and composed of an experiment module and a resource module. Tiangong-2 is 10.4 meters in length and of the maximum diameter around 3.35 meters, with the wingspan of 18.4 meters when the solar array deployed, and the total launch mass was approximately 8.6 tons. Tiangong-2 owns the main capabilities of rendezvous and docking with Shenzhou manned spaceship as well as Tianzhou cargo spaceship, on-orbit propellant refueling, accommodate space science and technology experiments.

Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory was launched into orbit on September 15th, 2016, with a designed lifetime of 2 years. It has been serving on orbit for more than 1000 days by far. The spacecraft and the accommodated payload work in good condition. The preparations of the controlled reentry are progressing smoothly as planned. After the reentry of Tiangong-2 into the atmosphere, China will timely release information and inform relevant situations in an open way, and firmly fulfill the international obligations of the major responsible country.

(Editor : 周雁