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Fei Junlong

Fei Junlong

Name: Fei Junlong
Sex: Male
Birth date: May, 1966
Nationality: Han
Native place: Kunshan, Jiangsu Province
Educational background: Bachelor’s degree
Family members: wife Wang Jie, and son Fei Di
Education: University of Culture
A senior colonel of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and one of the first group of astronauts of China. He joined the army in June 1982, has ever acted as the technical fighter inspector in the Air Force, and has ever operated various planes including F5 training plane. His safe flight time reaches 1,790 hours, and he was appraised as a first-grade pilot of the Air Force. Now he is a special-grade astronaut, and head of the Astronaut Corps under the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. In September 2008, he undertook the Shenzhou VI flight task, and was awarded the title “hero astronaut”.