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Liu Boming

Liu Boming

Name: Liu Boming
Sex: Male
Birth date: September,1966
Nationality: Han
Native place: Yian County, Heilongjiang Province
Political background: CPC member
Educational background: Dual Bachelor’s Degree
Family members: wife Zhang Yao and daughter Liu Qianting
Education: University of Culture
Senior colonel of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and one of China’s first group of astronauts. He joined the army in June 1985 and worked as a squadron commander in an Aviation Corps in the PLA Air Force. With his safe flight time reaching 1,050 hours, he was appraised as a first-grade pilot of the PLA Air Force. In June 2005, he was selected as a member of the Shenzhou VI manned flight crew. Now, he is a first-grade astronaut of the PLA Astronaut Corps. In September 2008, he undertook the Shenzhou VII flight task and was awarded the title “Hero Astronaut” after that.