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Zhang Xiaoguang

Zhang Xiaoguang

Name: Zhang Xiaoguang
Sex: Male
Birth date: May, 1966
Nationality: Man
Native place: Jinzhou, Liaoning Province
Political status: CPC member
Education background: Master’s degree
He joined the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force in June, 1985 and worked as a squadron commander in an Aviation Corps of the PLA Air Force. With 1,000 hours of safe flight, he was appraised as First-grade Pilot in the Air Force. He was chosen as one of China’s first-generation astronauts in January, 1998. Now he is a second-grade astronaut of PLA Astronaut Corps and reaches the rank of Senior Colonel. He was selected to carry out the Tiangong 1/Shenzhou 10 Manned Spaceflight mission in April, 2013.