Space Application System

The Space Application System is mainly designed for such purposes as conducting the earth observation and space scientific experiments, and developing the matching payloads .Since the first step of China Manned Space Program, hundreds sets of spacecraft-mounted equipments have been developed, represented by large-sized payloads such as medium-resolution imaging spectrometer and multiple-mode microwave remote sensor. These spacecraft-mounted equipments, which were installed on the spacecrafts from Shenzhou II to Shenzhou VII respectively for carrying out earth observation and application experiments in the field of space science, represents the integration of advanced technologies, and through which great achievements have been made with important scientific and applicable values. The manned space application activities are highly practical and closely related to the living and environment of human beings. Till now, the first step of space applications has been completed while argumentations for the second step and subsequent tasks are being carried out. The internal layout of Space Application System mainly involves many disciplines, such as earth science, space life science, space microgravity science, space astronomy and space environment. In addition, such infrastructures as payload center, space environment forecast center, reliability center and software center have been set up. The Manned Space Program Space Application System is a system which involvs a maximum number of academic disciplines, and of the largest scale and with the richest contents in the field of space science and applications.